Would you like a DVD Slideshow?

Ever needed that little extra from your photos?
We are excited to say that we have been playing around with the idea of offering DVD Slideshows as an option for our photo scanning service, but they can also be created from any photos you send us, and can be camera or even mobile phone photos.

With up to 1000 photos, we can create a nice gift idea, that’ll be personal and made only for you.
With a professional menu, effects and a music track, we believe you’d agree they’d make a great gift, and can be from anything.
All of these can be customised in a way to personalise each disc, and the music that plays along to the photos would make it even special.
You could have a DVD slideshow for weddings, holidays, school events, special moments and more to share and show family and friends.

With many different options to choose from, a DVD slideshow might be best result from scanning your photos with us, as they can be made from any kind of photo from any event.

They’d be the perfect gift for mother’s day, father’s day and more!

We have several previews on our YouTube channel to show you what each kind of DVD slideshow can be like. We’re sure we can make one that fits your needs and desires.

Hope you’re as excited about this as we are!

More on this great product in the near future.

Meanwhile, enjoy this sneak preview of our test slideshow.