Negative Scanning (35mm)

Negatives were always provided with your photos from analogue cameras, and you may be wondering how to get them scanned?
No worry, as we have the capability to get your negatives scanned and restored. We can scan nearly all types of processed negatives (Not undeveloped and APS).
The scan quality is always superior to that of scanning a printed photo, and the sharpness and colours are always much more noticeable against the printed photo.
Our award winning scanners are designed to handle negatives and process them in a way you’ve never seen your photos before, so collect them together and get the best out of your memories!

Please note, the bundles account for strips of negatives, for example, each frame is equal to one picture, so when counting your negatives, count each frame. Most negatives strips are cut in 4 or 6 frames per strip, and the average photo pack is usually returned with around 30-50 negative frames.

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