Save your memories, scan them today!

Scan my photos?

Wear and tear damaging your precious photos? Negatives getting dusty and brittle?

No problem! Let us restore and save what we can.

If you have a large collection of photos, negatives & Slides and you haven’t got the time to scan them all onto computer, Pixsave ® is here to help. We can do that for you with our high speed professional scanners and even print them with our professional photo printer that can do up to A3+ sizes. Even if they are fire or water damaged, we can restore your photos as much as possible back to their full life. From as little as 6p per photo, don’t let your photos turn to dust or be lost to time, Pixsave ® them!

Why is scanning so important?

Scanning is important as it “backs up” your photos, saving them for the future, and allowing you to save and share and copy them without further damage!

Getting your photos scanned is a great way to share and cherish your memories, and there are many ways you can create gifts from your newly scanned photos:

  • You could get a personal photo album made
  • A special DVD slideshow can be done with music and menus
  • New prints of a special photo for those in your family who want a copy
  • Send your copies to friends and family overseas
  • Share them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all to see
  • Get damaged or worn photos restored back to their original state
  • Combine your family photos into one complete collection
  • Get photos edited for fun, or made into posters or more!

What other services do we do?

We specialise in photo restoration, photo scanning, prints and Photoshop restoration and repair services, we are only a click or phone call away if you ever need assistance. Getting your photos scanned, fixed or enhanced shouldn’t be difficult, and we aim to make it as easy as possible for you.

Don’t let your precious memories become a thing of the past. Get in touch with Pixsave ® today and turn your negatives into positives. Getting your photos saved and shared will never be as easy!

Scan photo, restore photo, scanning

Restored photo from our photo scanning service, the customer had this one and only copy left of her beloved dog, which we scanned and restored in photoshop.