Photo Prints

Pricing Information

Normal Photo

£ 0.20* *prices starting from

  • Size – 4″ x 6″
  • Borderless –

Half an A4

£ 0.75* *prices starting from

  • Size – A5
  • Borderless –

Normal Paper Size

£ 3.00* *prices starting from

  • Size – A4
  • Borderless –

Twice an A4

£ 8.00* *prices starting from

  • Size – A3
  • Borderless –


£ 14.00* *prices starting from

  • Size – A3 +
  • Borderless –

Please note: special requests will result in an additional charge.


How it works

Find the image you want printing, and send us the highest quality version you can find.

If it is from your current scanned photo order, just email it to us or tell us what image number it is.

Pick your option and upload the image using the button provided, once we have confirmation, we shall print the image off for you and post it off to you.

Ensure you have a sufficient high quality image file to be printed from.

If you need anything larger than 6”x4” photo size then it is advisable to have 600dpi to ensure that the image doesn’t look blurred or “blocky”.

If it is an image from the internet, be advised that anything under 1600×1200 in resolution will not scale well past 6”x4” especially if you want either A4 or A3 sized prints.


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    Professional quality prints

    Why just stop at scanning your photos? We can also do professional quality photo prints of any size upto A3, with colours and quality rivaling that of a studio!

    Perhaps you have a scan that needs enlarging and framing, or a school photo in a bigger size with better colour. We have the tools and the expertise to enhance your Pixsave ® experience even more.

    Get that newly recoloured black and white photo printed for all to see, or your pride and joy shown at A3 size on your wall!

    At Pixsave ®, we can provide you with that little extra mile, to give your photos the prints they deserve.

    photo print 2a
    Photo print 1a
    black and white colour print