Negative Scanning – and Slides!

Negative Scanning services – select from our options below!

35mm Negative Scanning Service

(All 35mm film, except APS)

35mm negative scanning

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Small Format Negative Scanning 

(110 Film)

small film scanning

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Medium Format Negative Scanning 

(120/220 Film and 127 Super Slides)

medium format negative

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Large Format Negative Scanning 

(5″ x4 ” Sheet Film)

large negative film scanning

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How it works

Your slides will be handled with special care and placed in holders during scanning to protect them, and using our high quality professional scanners we can help to restore faded colours, remove scratches and sharpen the images. Your photos will never look any better!

All our negative scanning is done at a minimum of 1200dpi with options of up to 9600dpi if requested. We recommend 2400dpi or higher for best results on normal 35mm negatives to ensure a sharp picture.

Digital ICE is used to remove dust and scratches that can be on the negative surface, it doesn’t remove everything but it does a big difference to picture quality and all our scans include it at no extra cost.
A DVD is included FREE with all of our great negative scanning bundles – even if you order a USB stick!

What’s more, if your order is over £80, we also include FREE return delivery via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Tracked and delivered to your door as soon as your order is complete. Safe and secure and you get your photos back as soon as possible.

A high quality negative scanning service has never been this good.

Want to know a little more about negatives and negative films? Read this great article on Wikipedia

Looking for normal photos to be scanned? Try here!

Your negatives will be handled delicately and carefully and scanned through our high quality Epson scanner that has the capability to restore colours, detect scratches and ensure the highest photo quality.

All our negatives are scanned at a minimum of 1200dpi with options up to 9600dpi if requested. We believe in only the highest quality scans possible for your negatives.

We can scan most types of negatives, including full size plate negatives and medium format. Obscure formats like 110,120 and Kodak Picture disk can also be done at extra cost.

Digital ICE is available on request for colour negatives to remove most of the scratches, dust and blemishes on some of the worse affected negatives, Digital ICE can ensure a very high quality finish to your scans!

Collect together all your sides and negatives, ensuring they are in their protective sleeves or container boxes, and send them to us. Be careful not to get any dust or liquids on your film negatives.

You could also use plastic containers that will protect the negatives from the elements.

When we receive them, we shall process them through our systems and then send them back to you along with the DVD or USB drive.

Then feel free to share and copy them to your friends and family!

Please make sure that all your film slides and negatives are kept together in their packaging and not loose. They can be stored in a small cardboard box, or inside plastic wallets. Even a plastic tray with a lid would be ideal.

  • This will make sure that they are all protected from potential damage or the elements during transit.
  • If you have any slides and negatives that are falling apart, gently place the film back into centre of the holder, use some paper masking tape along the edges of the holder to keep the image in place. This should stop the negative from falling out in transit, and keeps it protected by the holder.
  • If you find some that are very dusty, gently wipe them down with cotton gloves or use a dry paintbrush to wipe them off.

The Scanning Process in pictures

Negative scanning step 1

Your Negative Film is prepared before scanning

Negative scanning step 2

Negatives are carefully loaded onto our specialised negative scanning tray

Negative scan step 3

All film is carefully cleaned of dust before scanning the negatives

Negative scan step 4

We then place the special trays into our scanners

photo scan step 1

We sort through your photos that you send to us

how photos should be sent

Keep them together neat so we can scan them fast for you!

photo scan step 2

We then place your photos into our high speed scanners

photo scan step 3

Each scanner then sends each photo to our computers

photo scan step 4

All your photos are then saved on DVD and ready to be sent back to you via our inclusive free courier!