About Pixsave

What is Pixsave?

Pixsave ® was formed under the idea of scanning our own family photos, which quickly turned into a very large project. Due to time constraints and the amount of work it was taking for us to deal with our families enormous collection of loose photos, negatives and slides, we decided a simple flatbed scanner was never going to be enough.

Progress was painfully slow. Manually loading every single photo was time consuming and it seemed like would be years to get through the tens of thousands of photos!

With extensive experience over many years in computers and photoshop, we felt that things could be much better. With the intention to speed things up, we invested heavily in professional equipment and we were astonished at the amazing difference in quality and colour!

Not only did we see a massive leap in the quality of each of our scans, the project was also sped up enormously, and we began to invest in more high end, high speed scanners to further speed things along.

Now that we have saved our families memories for the future, for all to enjoy, we would like to put this same equipment to use for anyone who wishes to do the same. This kind of speed and quality equipment must not go to waste, and the end result is a lifetime of crystal clear photos preserved for all to cherish for many more years ahead.

We are here to help

We here at Pixsave ® are more than happy to sort out your photos and negatives, we understand the time and effort that goes into scanning so many photos and are here to make things easier for you. Just sort and send in your photos, and we’ll do the rest!

Then you can share them at your hearts content and in the knowledge that they are safe and restored to their former glory.

Allow us to bring life back to your photos, make them shine and glow with the colour they deserve, to turn your negatives into positives!

Canon Inc. is a Japanese international organisation that specialises in producing imaging and optical products, including printers, digital cameras, photocopiers and medical scanners. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Canon have been around since 1937 and is well recognised over the world for the quality of their products and services.

Pixsave ® uses Canon printers to ensure the highest possible quality prints from your photos, Canon have a proven track record with their printers, and most professional studios and design studios use them for their accurate colour reproduction!
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Seiko Epson Corporation, more commonly known as Epson is one of the world’s biggest printers and imaging machine manufacturers. Based in Nagano, Japan, Epson produces a large proportion of the world’s printers, scanners photocopiers and projectors, and also produces home computers, laptops and cash registers. Epson has been operating since 1942 under Seiko Group, who are also well known for their Seiko timepieces.

Pixsave ® uses Epson’s award winning and critically acclaimed Perfection Pro scanners to ensure the best quality scan from your photos, Epson’s scanners ensure the tiniest detail is picked up, while providing compatibility with a wide range of negative/positive films, slides and photos. Utilising Digital ICE, negative film can have most of its dirt and dust removed, while colour and sharpness of an old negative can be returned to their former glory.
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Eastman Kodak is an American company famously known as the brand linked with photos. Kodak was one of the world’s biggest photographic and movie film producers, and was trusted and relied upon by so many that the term “Kodak moment” became synonymous with photos. Kodak still produces digital equipment that relate to photos, such as scanners, printers and printing paper, and is still engrained in the public consciousness whenever photographs or cameras are mentioned. Kodak was first formed in 1888, based in Rochester, New York in the United States of America.

Pixsave ® has several of Kodak’s highly specialised and high speed scanners for loose photos, each one designed to work through thousands of photos a day while maintaining quality without sacrificing speed. Instead of spending weeks at a time trying to hand scan on a flatbed scanner, get a large bulk of your photos done in mere days!
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